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Yasmin’s Experience

My Study Abroad Experience in China, by Yasmin Radbod: (2011)

(“Long time no see! Right now I’m in Nanjing. I love this city; for example, I love Nanjing’s cuisine, culture and history, and more.” ) Right now I am studying abroad in Nanjing, China for one year. I’ve been here about two months now, and I have already had an experience of a lifetime. First, my classes are Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM to 12:00PM, all of which are intensive Chinese language classes. I also have a Chinese roommate, a Chinese tutor, and a tutor specifically for Chinese pronunciation practice. I am taking a class on contemporary Chinese culture and am completing a research project on contemporary views regarding the relationship between Tibet as an independent entity and the rest of China. As a side job I teach English to other college students who are preparing their English speaking and writing ability, and I teach a class on American culture. In my spare time, I often visit many of Nanjing’s famous cultural and historical sites such as Xuanwu Lake and the Confucius Temple. I was extremely fortunate and had the opportunity to visit Guilin for an entire week, which was an amazing experience. I also have climbed Huangshan, an extremely famous mountain known throughout China. In fact, next week I am spending a week traveling throughout Sichuan with my entire study abroad program. .I have truly enjoyed my time here exploring Nanjing, making cross–‐cultural friendships, learning Chinese, and studying Chinese culture and history. More to come!