Previous Asian Studies Lectures

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3/5/20 –  Changing Landscapes, Changing Tides: The Transboundary Impact of Climate Change and Asian Economic Development.  Dr. Abigail Jahiel, Professor of Environmental and International Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University.

9/30/20 – A Day in the Life of a Teenage Samurai – Watch Party and Question and Answer Session with Dr. Constantine Vaporis, Professor of History at UMBC and Founding Director, Asian Studies Program at UMBC.


3/7/19 – Japanese Calligraphy Demonstration and Workshop.

2/22/19 – Excursion to Jewish Museum of Maryland to visit the exhibit, World War II Jewish Refugees in Shanghai.


4/23/18 Japanese Tea Ceremony – Ms. Reiko Briscombe demonstrated the Japanese tea ceremony and spoke about the history, purpose and occasions that the tea ceremony is performed as well as the spiritual aspects of this ancient tradition.

11/5/18 “A Labor of Love: Translating Queer Fiction from Korea” – Dr. Samuel Perry, Assoc. Prof., Asian Studies, Brown Univ.


10/25/16 – Asian Studies Program/Lecture –  “Reflections in a Yoshiwara Mirror: Representing the ‘Beauties of the Azure Towers’ in Print,” Professor Julie Nelson Davis, Professor of the History of Art (Modern East Asian), University of Pennsylvania.

2/4/17 – Asian Studies Program/Lecture – “Myanmar: Perspectives on a Society in Transition” – Dr.Christina Fink, Cultural Anthropologist and Professor of the Practice of International Affairs at The George Washington University.


4/24/16 – Asian Studies Program/Lecture – “Natural and Unnatural Disasters: 3/11, Asbestos, and the Unmaking of Japan’s Modern World” – Dr. Brett Walker, Montana State University.


2/10/15 – Asian Studies Program Lecture/Film Discussion – Mardistan (Macholand): Reflections on Indian Manhood – Dr. Harjant Gill, Towson University.

3/3/15 – Asian Studies Program Lecture and Book Signing – “Without You, There is No Us” – Suki Kim, journalist.

3/10/15 – Asian Studies Program Lecture – “Durations and Interruptions: People, Process, and Art at the 1985-86 Festival of India” – Dr. Rebecca Brown, Johns Hopkins University.

8/27/2015 – Maryland’s First Lady, Yumi Hogan visits UMBC.


9/6/13 Asian Studies Program – Yakshagana Dance Performance.

10/9/13 Asian Studies Program Lecture – Social Sciences Forum  “The Pivot to Asia in Obama’s Second Term”, Dr. Victor Cha , Georgetown professor and one of the country’s foremost experts on the Korean peninsula.  He is a former Director for Asian Affairs in President George W. Bush’s National Security Council.

12/3/13 Asian Studies Program 
Dr. Harjant Giil, Towson University, 
Film Presentation.  ‘Roots of Love’: On Sikh Hair & Turban.  Discussion: 
Religion and Gender in South Asia 
Presented by the Asian Studies Program.


10/3/12  Asian Studies Program Lecture – Social Sciences Forum
 “Japanese Science and International Politics in the Interwar Period: The Nobel Candidacies of Hideky Yukawa (Physics) and Katsusaburo Yamagiwa (Physiology)”
 James R. Bartholomew, Professor of History, Ohio State University.

2/6/13 Asian Studies Program Lecture – Humanities Forum
 A Book Presentation: The City of Devi
, Manil Suri, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMBC.

3/13/13 Asian Studies Program Lecture – Humanities Forum 
“Past Obsessions: World War II in History and Memory”
Carol Gluck, Distinguished Lecturer, Association for Asian Studies and Department of History, Columbia University.

2011- 2012

9/27/11 Asian Studies Program Lecture – Social Sciences Forum
 “U.S. Trade Policy In The Asia-Pacific: The Path Forward?
”  Ambassador Demetrios Marantis, Deputy US Trade Representative.

11/3/11 – Asian Studies Program Lecture – Social Sciences Forum
 “China Goes Global”,  Dr. David Shambaugh, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs; Director, China Policy Program, The Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University.

2/8/12 Asian Studies Program Lecture – Humanities Forum
 “Pacific Encounter: The Japanese Iwakura Embassy in America in 1872,”
Dr. Martin Collcutt, Princeton University.

4/18/12 – Asian Studies Program Lecture – Social Science Forum
 “Totaram Sanadhya’s ‘Mere Fiji Dwip me Ikkis Varsh’ (My 21 years in Fiji) and the Second
Abolition,”  Dr. Mrinalini Sinha, University of Michigan.