Attention Graduating Asian Studies Majors – Fall 2020

Portfolios Due November 25, 2020

Graduating seniors are required to turn in a short portfolio of their work over the course of the major.  In lieu of a capstone experience, students who intend to graduate with a major in Asian Studies are required to complete a small portfolio prior to graduation. The portfolio is due to Dr. Meredith Oyen by November 25, 2020 and should contain the following items:

  • (1) Electronic copies of three assignments for two or more courses in Asian Studies—preferably from three different years in the program (these can be long or short assignments, including work for language classes, and they can be scans of originals, with teacher feedback)
  • (2) A brief reflection (2-3 pp) on your study abroad experience(s), if you were able to study in Asia
  • (3) A resume
  • (4) A brief description (2-3 pp) of how you see Asian Studies impacting your career or graduate school plans, focusing on roughly a 5-year time frame

Please assemble all items in the portfolio into a single .pdf, .doc, or .docx file beginning with a table of contents (list of items included in the file).  Submit via email to Dr. Meredith Oyen, Director, Asian Studies Program (oyen@umbc.edu).  Dr. Oyen is also happy to answer emailed questions about the requirement.