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ASIA Certificate


Upper-Division Certificate in Asian Studies Worksheet





Fifteen (15) credits are required for an Upper-Division Certificate in Asian studies.  They must be in courses approved for the Asian Studies program and must fulfill the following specific requirements.  No language component.


I.  Electives (15 credits):

Course # and Name                             Semester Completed          Credits          Grade
________________  Discipline #1       _________________         ______          _____
________________  Discipline #2       _________________         ______          _____
________________  Discipline #3       _________________         ______          _____
________________                                                                        ______                    
________________                                                                        ______                    
  • All courses must be upper division (300-400)
  • Grades for all courses must be a “C” or better
  • Pass fail courses not allowed
  • The 15 credits must be from 3 or more disciplines
  • A total of up to 6 credits may be “double-counted” towards the completion of a major or minor in MLLI Chinese or Korean Language and Cultural Studies tracks or a Certificate in Korean Studies.