Asian Studies Certificate

Are you interested in Asia and the Asian Studies program, but you already have a major or a minor? Do you want an option that recognizes your coursework in Asian-related classes, but you’re not looking for intensive language study? Consider the Asian Studies certificate!

Students who pursue the Upper-Division Certificate in Asian Studies complete 15 credits. Courses must be approved for the ASIA program and must fulfill specific requirements:

  • Minimum of three disciplines (eg History, Sociology, MLLI, etc)
  • All courses must be 300 level or higher
  • A minimum grade of “C” is required – ‘pass/fail’ coursework will not count towards the certificate
  • MLLI students following the Chinese or Korean language and literary studies track for their major or minor program – and students pursuing a Korean Studies certificate can ‘double-count’ up to six credits of their coursework for both their major/minor and their ASIA certificate.

Please check with your advisor for answers to any questions you might have about adding an Asian Studies certificate to your coursework!