Student Organizations

Council of Majors

The Asian Studies Council of Majors (ASCOM) is a student organization for students in, or interested in, Asian Studies! ASCOM hosts events throughout the year and welcomes new members at any time. If you’re interested in joining, you can visit their myUMBC page, or you can email us and we’ll be happy to connect you with ASCOM’s leadership.

2021-22 ASCOM Leadership

a photo of a smiling woman with long curly hair held back by a wide black headband. she is wearing small hoop earrings, an olive green shirt, and a black scarf Maria Samura, President 
“Hello!! My name is Maria Samura, I’m the incoming president of ASCOM. I’m in my senior year. I’m a double major in Biological Science and Asian Studies and minor in Chinese Language. I love watching Asian movies, dramas, anime and Western movies and tv shows. My favorite genre is romance, but I also don’t mind mysteries, comedy and thrillers. I am thrilled to meet new people and have fun together.”

a girl with hair that is half aqua green and half peachy pink, pulled back from her face, smiles into the camera. a snapchat filter that looks like red neon devil horns is applied to her forehead. she is wearing a bright blue hoodie. Sara Karmiol, Treasurer
“Hey guys! I’m Sara Karmiol, your treasurer! I am technically a senior, double majoring in History and Asian Studies with minors in Anthropology and Asian history. I am the dedicated parent of my cat Butters and I love watching Scooby-Doo, Poirot, and history documentaries! I’m looking forward to the school year and can’t wait to see/meet everyone!”

a girl with braided brown pigtails, wearing a black t-shirt, leans both elbows on a table in a restaurant. she is smiling into the camera. on the table is a green beverage, a slice of matcha cheesecake, a golden beverage with a sprig of rosemary floating in it, and a plate with a greenish dip and some fruit pieces. Kristin Bechtel, Secretary
“Hello!! My name is Kristin Bechtel (she/her) and I am the incoming secretary of ASCOM. I am senior MLLI major on the French track with a Korean minor and certificate in Intercultural Communications and I am also a Humanities Scholar. In my free time, I enjoy watching Korean dramas, cooking, and embroidery, so don’t be surprised if I come to GBMs with a needle and thread.”

a photo of a woman wearing square blue eyeglasses, smiling into the camera over her shoulder. her long hair is braided along her head and then loose, tied into a ponytail. she is wearing stud earrings and a sleeveless khaki collared shirt. Betsy Quaye, Historian
“Hi, my name is Betsy Quaye, I’m the historian. I’m a senior who is majoring in Biological Sciences. I love reading novels, books and short stories almost as much as I love reading them. I love watching mysteries and coming of age stories. I am very excited about meeting new people this semester.”

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