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Your college experience does not have to be confined to campus. Through the Asian Studies Department and the Shriver Center at UMBC and its internship program, you have the opportunity to step outside the boundaries of the classroom and experience the real world.

Once you have graduated, there are manty opportunities for employment using your degree (see our career guide, “What Can I do with my Asian studies Degree.”)  You may also elect to continue your studies in a graduate program.

Click on this link for the UMBC Asian Studies Program Internship Contract Form

Asian Studies Internship Opportunities

Community Outreach

ASIA 399 – Field work related to Asian Studies. Course requires permission of the Program Director. To receive that permission the student must complete the Asian Studies Program Internship Contract Form and have it signed by the Asian Studies Program Director. Internships are open only to juniors and seniors.

A current internship opportunity for our students is at the Longwood Apartment building in Columbia, Maryland.  Composed of approximately 60% Korean and approximately 30% Chinese low income senior citizens, Asian Studies students are assisting with translation between the building manager and residents, between the senior center employees and residents and with community meetings.  Asian Studies students have established an English language course which they teach to the residents.

Learn more about the Longwood Apartments internship.


Council on Foreign Relations

Maryland Governor’s Commission for Asian Pacific American Affairs (Contact Dr. Vaporis for more details:

U.S. Department of State

MD Department of Business and Economic Development

Maryland Office of Refugees and Asylees

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


The Walters Art Museum (Hackerman House)Students should express an interest in curatorial or education work, and within the application express a specific desire for work on or with Asian materials.

Freer and Sackler Galleries – The Smithsonian

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program

Non Government Organizations (NGO’s)

Asian American Justice Center

National Association of Japan-America Studies

Korea Economic Institute

Amnesty International  The International Secretariat recruits interns for 3-6 months for administrative  and project-related work in its offices in Beirut, Dakar, Geneva, Hong Kong, Kampala, London, Moscow, New York and Paris.

Asia Policy Point

The U.S.-Japan Council  The U.S.-Japan Council in Washington, D.C. is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers and interns to assist with projects and ongoing initiatives. If you’re interested in volunteering or serving as a summer or fall intern, please contact

Radio Free Asia: Occasionally advertise for a New Media Intern (no Asian language necessary).  Regular, three-month internships available to speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, among others.

Center for Strategic and International Studies  General Information

The Asia programs

East-West Center, Washington, D.C.


The East-West Center in Washington seeks interns each semester who are interested in gaining a first-hand training experience in a US-Asia research and education organization in Washington, D.C.  Internships are open to students and recent graduates; graduate students are particularly encouraged to apply.

The United States-China Policy Foundation (USCPF)

The United States-China Policy Foundation (USCPF) is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization dedicated exclusively to broadening awareness of China and U.S.-China relations in the Washington, DC policy community. The USCPF Internship Program provides students with a unique opportunity for hands-on experience in the field of U.S.-China relations. During their time with the Foundation, students will play in active role in researching and writing reports on current issues related to U.S.-China relations, assisting with educational programming and events, and managing the USCPF website.

Internships at the Wold Trade Center Institute in Baltimore, Maryland

Jump-start a career in foreign affairs, international relations and global business!  Internships at the World Trade Center Institute offer unique hands-on experience and unparalleled networking opportunities.  As an intern, you will gain insight into the world of non-profits and international business, learn from industry leaders and get to know about the local professional and business community.  All interns are assigned real life tasks and given professional titles and business cards to be used throughout the semester.  WTCI’s interns attend all of our prestigious events and get a chance to practice valuable networking skills.  Some of our best interns go on to full-time positions with many of our clients — some of Maryland’s most prestigious institutions.

Asian Society Intern Opportunities

(Washington D.C.). Intern will support the Asia Society Policy Institute’s research and outreach work in Washington.  Application Deadlines are Nov. 14 (for spring semester), March 20 (for summer) and July 17 (for fall semester).

Internships at the Congressional-Executive Commission on China

The CECC seeks interns for three periods of the year:

Applications Must Be Received By Our Office No
Later Than 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time
Summer June 1-
August 15
March 1
September 1-
December 15
July 1
January 20-
May 15
November 1

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and the names and contact information (including telephone number) for two references, to the CECC via e-mail to Judy Wright, Director of Administration. All application materials must be submitted before the deadline in order to be considered. Please discuss in your cover letter how your professional goals, interests, and background relate to the Commission’s legislative mandate regarding human rights and the rule of law in China. No phone calls please.

Those who wish to apply for internships should understand the following:

  • CECC interns receive a salary of $10/hour;
  • Interns must be U.S. citizens;
  • We regret that interns are not eligible for any other Federal benefits;
  • During the fall and spring semesters, CECC internships are part-time (between 15 and 20 hours per week);
  • During the summer, CECC internships are full-time, and we expect summer interns to work between 32 and 40 hours per week;
  • Interns should have completed at least some China-related coursework. It is also desirable that they have some background in one or more of the specific human rights and rule of law issues in the CECC legislative mandate;
  • Interns should be able to read Chinese well enough to assist with research in newspapers, journals, and on Web sites. More advanced Chinese language capability would be a plus. The successful candidate for an internship often will have lived or studied in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan;
  • Interns will conduct research and writing projects on human rights and rule of law issues in China under the supervision of Commission staff. Interns may also assist with researching and updating records on the Commission’s Political Prisoner Database. Interns may also be invited or required to attend some of the many rule of law and human rights events organized by the Commission and other organizations in Washington, DC; and

Although our interns are usually students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, others are also welcome to apply.