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Read about Gonzalo Reque Sanchez De Lozada's Experience
Senior, Christine Au, Wins Undergradute Research Award
to Study the Chinese Novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms."
Our ASIA 399 interns hard at work creating a display board
Dr. Vaporis Teaching History 381 (GEP/GFR: Culture Credit)
From Samurai to 'Salariiman': Japanese Hist thru Film & Lit
Chinese or Korean Translators and Asian Food Pantry Interns
Spring 2015 Course: ASIA 300-03 Introduction to Indian Dance
M-W 1-2:15 FA 317 taught by Shobha Subramanian

Welcome to UMBC’s Asian Studies program, which offers an inter-disciplinary major, minor and certificate. Please visit the links above for more information, and feel free to contact individual faculty members to discuss your options in the new program.

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