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Study Abroad

Here we offer some basic information about study abroad possibilities for UMBC students in Asia. For more detailed information, please visit UMBC’s Study Abroad Programs’ website,  and carefully read the materials for prospective students. Of course you are most welcome to speak to the Asian Studies Program Director as well about study abroad. In reading the materials,  please pay particular attention to the requirements for each program, as these vary widely.

A. China and Hong Kong B. Japan C. Korea D. Mongolia E. Thailand F. Vietnam G. Turkey

A. China and Hong Kong

1. International Student Exchange Program:  Offers exchange programs, for which students pay Frostburg State tuition room and board, and direct programs, which have different program fees.  At least one year of university-level Chinese is recommended.

Location: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Jocelyn Lee working at archaeological dig in Xian, China.

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2. The Alliance on Global Education (a UMBC affiliate):   Locations: Beijing University of Language and Culture, Beijing; Fudan University, Shanghai; Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai. Semester, academic year and summer available.

Yasmin Radbod on the City Wall in Nanging, China.

Yasmin Radbod on the City
Wall in Nanging, China.


Shin Yee Oct

Shin-Yee Yu “ice-skidding” in Houhai, Beijing.

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B.  Japan

Donovan Oct

Donovan Hall in Nagasaki, Japan

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Benjamin Japan1

Ben Bealmear, on the ascent of Mt. Takao, on the western edge of Tokyo.

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1. J.F. Oberlin University:  A private four-year university located in Machida, a suburb of Tokyo. Its Reconnaissance Japan Program ( is for exchange students from overseas partner institutions (UMBC is one of them). Students may participate in this program for either a single semester or an academic year; it offers Japanese language skills and training courses from the introductory to advanced levels. A wide variety of culture and civilization courses on Japan taught in English are also offered each semester. UMBC receives a special tuition rate. Please see the Director for more details.

2. Nanzan University (located in Nagoya) has an outstanding Japanese language program:   For a guide to the university’s Center for Japanese Studies, please go to:

3. Council for International Educational Exchange (a UMBC affiliate):   Location: Sophia University, Tokyo. Semester, academic year, and summer available.

4. Institute for the International Education of Students (a UMBC affiliate):   Locations: Nagoya and Tokyo. Semester, academic year, and summer available.

5. University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) (a UMBC affiliate):   Locations: Hiroshima and Osaka. Semester, academic year, and summer available.

6. Takushoku University:   This is an exchange program, which means that students pay tuition and fees to UMBC.  They do not pay international student tuition or fees to their host institution.  All federal financial aid and most UMBC scholarships can be used for any of the programs listed below.  All credits earned on these programs can be used for your UMBC degree program. Two years of Japanese required. Academic year only.


C. Korea

1. UMBC Direct in Korea:   Location: Yonsei University, Seoul. Semester and academic year available.

2. International Student Exchange Program:   Locations: four universities throughout South Korea; Semester and academic year possible.

3. Asialearn: Location: Korea University, Seoul. Semester and academic year possible.

4.  Summer Study in Korea:  Korea University’s Korean Language and Culture Center

5.  Summer Study in Korea:  Yonsei University’s Yonsei International Summer School

Korea Summer Internship Program (through Yonsei International Summer School)

6.  Summer Study in Korea:  Seoul National University’s Korean Language Education Center

Christopher Nam (on left) and friend on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Christopher Nam (on left) and friend on Jeju Island,
South Korea.



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Trying on Hanbok (Traditional Korean Clothing)

Trying on Hanbok (Traditional Korean Clothing)






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 D. Taiwan:

Rachel McCloud smaller

Rachel McCloud Photo: (temple in the town of Wanli in New Taipei)












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E. Mongolia:

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F. Thailand:

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G. Viet Nam:

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