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Summer Courses 2018

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Summer Session 1

HIST 381-01 From Samurai to “Salariman”: Japanese History through Film and Literature- Dr. Constantine Vaporis

A study of Japanese history from 1600 to the present through the media of film and literature. It also explores the relationship between history and drama, in particular how they can illuminate or conceal basic truths and values of the past. Views of life and modern times, obsessions with honor and suicide, the changing role of women in society, the encounter between Japanese and foreign cultures, and themes of war and pacifism will be investigated. Recommended Preparation: Any 100-level social science course..

This course will require that students regularly view assigned films. All films required will be available at no charge for viewing on campus in the UMBC campus library. Some films may also be available through other online sources such as HuluPlus, but film sources other than the library will require a separate rental fee. *** This is a fully online course. It requires reliable internet access and computer literacy; and the ability to self-manage independent learning assignments according to deadlines. In place of classroom activities, online work may include independent mastery assignments, discussion boards, videos with quizzes, writing assignments, and other active learning experiences. Students are responsible for completing these online learning experiences by the specified deadlines and in accordance with instructor requirements.
MUSC 230 – Musics of the World – Dr. Gina Beck,  TWTH 9 – 12:10 p.m. – 4 weeks
A survey of selected musical cultures of the world, with emphasis on the musical forms, instruments, tonal material, the role of music in society and its relationship to other arts.
HIST 458 – Japan to 1800 – Dr. Julie Oakes Tu/Th 1 – 4:10 p.m. – 6 weeks
The history of Japan from the origins of the Japanese people through the height of Tokugawa rule. Some areas of focus will be an examination through archaeological sources of Japan’s beginnings, the transition of Japanese society from courtier to warrior rule during the 11th through 14th centuries and the process of political unification of the 16th century. Recommended Preparation: HIST100 or HIST110 or HIST111, junior/senior status

Summer Session 2

HIST 459 – Japan Since 1800 – Dr. Julie Oakes TWTH 1 – 4:10 p.m. – 4 weeks
Beginning with Japan’s early modern past and its forced emergence from isolation, this course will explore Japan’s rise as a modern state, its plunge into militarism and war, and its subsequent rapid emergence as one of the world’s leading nations. Recommended Preparation: HIST 100 or HIST 110 or HIST 111, junior/senior status.